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2017 - Beyond

After a few years of hibernation, Bryan and Linda entrusted the brand, the IP and the tooling to Tommy Ericson, a maritime industry professional of more than 20 years, to bring the Scimitar 1010 back to the market. The sale of Scimitar was completed with an unwritten level of responsibility to ensure that the next generation scimitar becomes the new benchmark in Australian built power catamarans – and those that know the boat realise that is no easy achievement.

Since 2017, Tommy and his team have been working to modernise the look, integrate new technologies, systems and equipment all whilst ensuring the functionality, reliability and feel of the Scimitar remains.

Welcome back to an Australian boating Icon – Scimitar Power Catamarans are coming to a marina near you!

flybridge scimitar power catamaran on the water

Career Opportunities

Due to the growing demand few new boats, Scimitar Power Catamarans and Aus Ships Group are currently looking for additional staff.

Current vacancies include:

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